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Struct c++ là gì

This module performs conversions between Python values and C structs represented as Python bytes objects. This can be used in handling binary data stored in files or from network connections, among other sources.

By default, the result of packing a given C struct includes pad bytes in order to maintain proper alignment for the C types involved; similarly, alignment is taken into account when unpacking.

This behavior is chosen so that the bytes of a packed struct correspond exactly to the layout in memory of the corresponding C struct. To handle platform-independent data formats or omit implicit pad bytes, use standard size and alignment instead of native size and alignment: see Byte Order, Size, and Alignment for details.

Several struct functions and methods of Struct take a buffer argument. This refers to objects that implement the Buffer Protocol and provide either a readable or read-writable buffer. Return a bytes object containing the values v1v2… packed according to the format string format. The arguments must match the values required by the format exactly. Pack the values v1v2… according to the format string format and write the packed bytes into the writable buffer buffer starting at position offset.

Note that offset is a required argument. Unpack from the buffer buffer presumably packed by pack format, The result is a tuple even if it contains exactly one item. Unpack from buffer starting at position offsetaccording to the format string format. Iteratively unpack from the buffer buffer according to the format string format. This function returns an iterator which will read equally-sized chunks from the buffer until all its contents have been consumed.

Return the size of the struct and hence of the bytes object produced by pack format, Format strings are the mechanism used to specify the expected layout when packing and unpacking data.

In addition, there are special characters for controlling the Byte Order, Size, and Alignment. Alternatively, the first character of the format string can be used to indicate the byte order, size and alignment of the packed data, according to the following table:. If the first character is not one of these, ' ' is assumed. Native byte order is big-endian or little-endian, depending on the host system. Use sys.Data structure alignment is the way data is arranged and accessed in computer memory.

It consists of three separate but related issues: data alignmentdata structure paddingand packing. The CPU in modern computer hardware performs reads and writes to memory most efficiently when the data is naturally alignedwhich generally means that the data's memory address is a multiple of the data size.

For instance, in a bit architecture, the data may be aligned if the data is stored in four consecutive bytes and the first byte lies on a 4-byte boundary. Data alignment is the aligning of elements according to their natural alignment. To ensure natural alignment, it may be necessary to insert some padding between structure elements or after the last element of a structure. For example, on a bit machine, a data structure containing a bit value followed by a bit value could have 16 bits of padding between the bit value and the bit value to align the bit value on a bit boundary.

Alternatively, one can pack the structure, omitting the padding, which may lead to slower access, but uses three quarters as much memory. Although data structure alignment is a fundamental issue for all modern computers, many computer languages and computer language implementations handle data alignment automatically.

A memory address a is said to be n-byte aligned when a is a multiple of n bytes where n is a power of 2. In this context, a byte is the smallest unit of memory access, i. An n -byte aligned address would have a minimum of log 2 n least-significant zeros when expressed in binary.

When a memory access is not aligned, it is said to be misaligned. Note that by definition byte memory accesses are always aligned. A memory pointer that refers to a data aggregate a data structure or array is aligned if and only if each primitive datum in the aggregate is aligned. Note that the definitions above assume that each primitive datum is a power of two bytes long.

When this is not the case as with bit floating-point on x86 the context influences the conditions where the datum is considered aligned or not.

Data structures can be stored in memory on the stack with a static size known as bounded or on the heap with a dynamic size known as unbounded.

The CPU accesses memory by a single memory word at a time.

Struct data type

As long as the memory word size is at least as large as the largest primitive data type supported by the computer, aligned accesses will always access a single memory word. This may not be true for misaligned data accesses. If the highest and lowest bytes in a datum are not within the same memory word the computer must split the datum access into multiple memory accesses.Prerequisite : sizeof operator in C The sizeof for a struct is not always equal to the sum of sizeof of each individual member.

struct c++ là gì

This is because of the padding added by the compiler to avoid alignment issues. Padding is only added when a structure member is followed by a member with a larger size or at the end of the structure. Different compilers might have different alignment constraints as C standards state that alignment of structure totally depends on the implementation.

The red portion represents the padding added for data alignment and the green portion represents the struct members. In this case, x int is followed by z doublewhich is larger in size as compared to x. Hence padding is added after x. Also, padding is needed at the end for data alignment. In this case, the members of the structure are sorted in decreasing order of their sizes. Hence padding is required only at the end. In this case, y short int is followed by x int and hence padding is required after y.

No padding is needed at the end in this case for data alignment. In order to minimize the amount of padding, the struct members must be sorted in a descending order similar to the case 2. Attention geek! Strengthen your foundations with the Python Programming Foundation Course and learn the basics. Writing code in comment? Please use ide. Related Articles.

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Recommended Articles. Can we access private data members of a class without using a member or a friend function? Article Contributed By :.

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Current difficulty : Easy. Easy Normal Medium Hard Expert. Improved By :.La privatmembroj ne estas alireblaj ekster la klaso; ili povas esti aliritaj nur tra metodoj de la klaso. La publikaj membroj formas interfacon al la klaso kaj estas alireblaj ekster la klaso. Deklaracio de membroj estas metita ene de tiu deklaracio.

Tio estas ofte efektivigita preterpasante la adreson de la objekto kiel implica unua argumento al la funkcio. Tial, ajna kodo kiu manipulas la kampojn de P objekto povas manipuli la P kampoj interne la C objekto sen devado pripensi io ajn koncerne la difinon de C 's-kampoj.

Multobla heredo ne estas tiel simpla. Por pli sur multobla heredo, vidu virtualan heredon.

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Membrovariabloj povas esti initialigitaj en initializer-listo, kun utiligo de dupunkto, kiel en la ekzemplo malsupre. La deklaracio de konstrukciisto aspektas pli kiel funkcio kun la samnoma kiel la datentipo. Fakte, voko al konstrukciisto povas preni la formon de funkciovoko.

En tiu kazo person tajpu ke variablo estus la revenvaloro:. Pli bona maniero krei la objekto sen nenecesa kopiado estas:. Estas vokite kiam kazo de klaso estas detruita, ekz. Destructors povas esti uzita por liberigi resursojn, kiel ekzemple stak-asignita memoro kaj malfermita dosieroj kiam kazo de tiu klaso estas detruita.

La sintakso por deklarado detruigila estas simila al tiu de konstrukciisto. Prenu la two nums strukturo malsupre ekzemple.

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La strukturo konsistas el du entjeroj. Ekzemple, la strukturo. Pecetkampoj kutimas difini la klasmembrojn kiuj povas okupi malpli stokadon ol integrita tipo.

Pecetkampoj ne estas permesitaj en unio. The "this" keyword is an expression whose value is the address of the object for which the member was invoked. Por pli da detaloj en tiu temo, vidu taksadstrategion. Comeau Computing. Retrieved Join Stack Overflow to learn, share knowledge, and build your career. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information.

But what would its return type be? The numerous ways fill whole blog posts. At its simplest, you could iterate using std::string::find until you hit std::string::nposand extract the contents using std::string::substr.

A more fluid and idiomatic, but basic version for splitting on whitespace would use a std::istringstream :. Multiple libraries such as Boost. Tokenizer offer specific tokenisers. More advanced splitting require regular expressions.

The Boost tokenizer class can make this sort of thing quite simple:. Use strtok. In my opinion, there isn't a need to build a class around tokenizing unless strtok doesn't provide you with what you need.

Here is an example. A few caveats which might not suit your needs. The string is "destroyed" in the process, meaning that EOS characters are placed inline in the delimter spots. Correct usage might require you to make a non-const version of the string.

You can also change the list of delimiters mid parse. In my own opinion, the above code is far simpler and easier to use than writing a separate class for it.

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To me, this is one of those functions that the language provides and it does it well and cleanly. It's simply a "C based" solution. It's appropriate, it's easy, and you don't have to write a lot of extra code No offense folks, but for such a simple problem, you are making things way too complicated. There are a lot of reasons to use Boost. But for something this simple, it's like hitting a fly with a 20 sledge. And yes, we could have split return a new vector rather than passing one in.Join Stack Overflow to learn, share knowledge, and build your career.

Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. I think Book used to be a struct, got changed to a class but the forward declarations remained. There were no compiler warnings and the resulting program seemed to work fine.

It made me curious: in theory, can this ever cause a problem? It's just a pointer, yes, but for example, if the class had virtual methods, multiple inheritance, could the pointers be different?

Even for definitions, they only affect the default access specifier of the objects members, everything else is equivalent. You always define "classes" of objects. The only place where struct must be used over classis when forward declaring opaque data for c bindings.

It does it, because the name decoration for its functions incorporates the keyword you used. Therefore, programs may fail to link properly. A discussion of this warning, as well as why it can be ignored if you are disciplined, can be found here. Learn more. Forward declaration as struct vs class Ask Question. Asked 4 years, 2 months ago. Active 5 months ago. Viewed 8k times.

Tomas Andrle. Tomas Andrle Tomas Andrle Danh edited question to explain the difference. Similar question: stackoverflow.

Active Oldest Votes. Thanks for the answer. For peace of mind and to avoid any compiler quirks and possible future psychopathic maintainers' wrath, I will make all the forward declarations match. That behaviour is what I needed for my current task. I need to make forward declaration on a type passed as template parameter or macro parameter but the passed type can be a class or struct.

struct c++ là gì

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struct c++ là gì

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